Abattoirs, Rendering & Meat Processing Wastewater Treatment

When you discharge treated effluent into a river, stream, estuary or the sea, a discharge consent would be required. In this case, you would obtain consent from the Environment Agency (EA).

Alternatively, if you discharge to sewer, this requires a consent from the local water company. This can result in high effluent discharge costs.

Meat production processes can use significant quantities of water, often contaminated with high organic loads. These can include fats, oils and greases (FOG), nitrogen from manure and blood, phosphorus and salt.

By significantly cleaning effluent, plus minimising the volume of sludge produced, the ongoing effluent discharge costs will be minimised.

We offer complete meat processing wastewater treatment solutions. Options include design and supply to installation and commissioning, coupled with a comprehensive range of versatile plant and equipment, available for purchase or hire.

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