Antifouling Aspirators

Our customised antifouling aspirators offer robust and reliable performance levels, despite heavy debris conditions. The popularity of these products reflects the growing use and challenges caused by flushed wipes and rags.

With consistent performance efficiency all year round and no aerosols, the Antifouling Aspirators offer the perfect solution for integrating into a new or existing treatment system.

The resilient design with patented rotating impeller, forces water outward horizontally past the end of the shaft. This creates a vacuum that draws atmospheric air down the shaft. The air is then dispersed in a large plume of fine bubbles to maximise oxygen dispersion and mixing.

The new dual-bladed propeller design, coupled with hooded water intakes, reduces ragging in plants without fine screening. This unit is available in motor sizes of 7.5kW–22kW. Same oxygen transfer, better performance.

Flexible sizing and mounting options allow for easy installation across a variety of applications, as well as oxygen dispersion throughout the entire basin, regardless of its size or shape.

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