Surface Aerators

Our premium quality high-speed and low-speed surface aerators allow tremendous versatility, across a range of industries and wastewater treatment applications.

Whether supplied as fix mount or with floats, these surface aerators provide efficient wastewater aeration and intensive mixing capabilities. They are environmentally and fish friendly. Primarily designed for installation in lagoons, tanks with variable water levels, reservoirs and general mixing applications.

A combination of turbulent directional mixing and jet propulsion discharge ensures oxygen is quickly blended with the water. As a result, this provides unmatched oxygen transfer. As soon as the aerator has been activated, an immediate, continuous barrage of dissolved oxygen (DO) saturates the water.

All units can be supplied as part of a new system. Or alternatively, fully integrated into an existing system. Regardless of make or model. They have the capacity to run 24 hours per day.

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