Diffused Aeration Systems

We source our extensive range of fine and coarse bubble diffusers from a network of well-established suppliers.

By offering a comprehensive range of products, you benefit from the most efficient and economic systems to suit your specific application.

Our wide range of diffuser types includes:

  • Disc diffusers
  • Tube diffusers

Diffuser membrane materials are available in standard EPDM, smooth antifouling or premium silicone material. These are ideal for applications that demand high chemical or temperature resistance, as well as superior antifouling properties.

To suit a wide range of industrial applications, our diffusers can be supplied with various perforation sizes. As an example, these are particularly useful in applications with higher fat content or prone to fouling e.g. dairy, cheese and food applications.

In addition to bespoke systems, we supply and install individual diffusers to fully integrate into existing systems. Regardless of make or model. Our proactive design facility will ensure you achieve high aeration efficiencies up to 5.5 kgO2/kWh.

These systems are extremely versatile. Whilst the tank remains operational (drop in or floating), each system can be permanently fixed to an aeration tank, or specifically designed to be removed.

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