Radial Submerged Aerators

When both mixing and aeration are required without splashing, Radial Submerged Aerators provide a flexible and versatile option for the effective treatment of water, wastewater and effluent.

Radial Submerged Aerators can be fed by atmospheric air, oxygen enriched air, pure oxygen or other gaseous or liquid substances to suit your specific application.

Elevated oxygen transfer figures, low noise levels, increased reliability, low cost and speed of installation are just a few of the many advantages submerged aerators offer. Another advantage is the compactness of each unit which allows installation or maintenance to be carried out, whilst the tanks remain fully operational.

Our radial submerged aerators provide elevated performance in oxygen transfer and increased mixing ability. By operating at the bottom of the tank, dead zones are minimised to prevent solids settlement.

The flexibility of installation afforded by these aerators allows use in existing tanks for improved aeration/oxidation, as well as being used in new plant systems.

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