Submersible Wastewater Mixers

Our submersible wastewater mixers are at the top of their class for hydraulic efficiency. They stand out for the quality of the materials used during manufacture and the design of the propellers.

The composition of each premium quality mixer includes a motor and gearbox, coupled with a high-efficiency propeller (generally 3 blades).

They effectively cover a broad range of applications. These range from mixing sewage with high contents of solids and sand through to processing zootechnical fluids.

When used for the purpose of keeping solids in suspension, it is advisable to utilise mixers with a larger propeller diameter and low rotational speed.

A special lifting device, consisting of a manual winch and a mixer orientation bracket, is available on request. This enables more flexibility, allowing better flow direction. As a result, a greater ability to avoid the formation of dead zones inside the tank, can be achieved.

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