Hire Equipment – Case Study

Aquatreat Environmental Products Ltd have been successfully delivering water, wastewater and effluent treatment systems since 2007.

Often, emergencies can occur which require immediate and effective action. By utilising the experience of our highly-skilled engineers, we can offer rapid-response solutions.

The Background

An oxidation ditch is typically equipped with aerators or brushes to provide aeration and circulation. It removes organic matter and pollutants from sewage through absorption, oxidation and decomposition.  If working effectively and efficiently, the oxidation ditch can significantly reduce operating costs.

When a long-standing client contacted us, regarding a failing consent notification at an established treatment works, we were quick to respond.

The Issue

An uplift in local housing developments was causing a significant increase in load (COD, BOD and Ammonia). This situation, coupled with reduced aerator brush performance, resulted in a breach of effluent consent ammonia levels within the oxidation ditch. Consequently, the client urgently needed remedial action whilst maintaining low operating costs.

During an initial site visit, we ran calculations based on flows, loads and existing plant capacity (including installed aeration capacity). This allowed us to evaluate shortfalls in BOD and ammonia treatment capacity, plus determine the size and specifications for an effective temporary aeration system.

The Solution

From our comprehensive hire fleet, we immediately supplied a high-efficiency fine bubble aeration system. This rapid-response package included blower, drop-in grids and interconnecting pipework. Installation of the equipment occurred, without interrupting the ongoing operation of the struggling treatment plant.

Implementation of the new equipment resulted in immediate effluent consent compliance. Performance was then monitored closely for the next two months. Following the success of such a robust solution, the client requested the design, supply and installation of a permanent system.

In collaboration with our client, we were able to complete the project seamlessly, without the need for any of the existing plant to be taken off-line.

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