Rotary Screens

The Rotary Screen is a robust, fully automated method of effective solids and liquid separation which can be utilised across a broad spectrum of applications.

Solids and liquid separation occur through a filter drum which is made from a stainless-steel grate or perforated mesh. The grate or mesh is available in various sizes to provide coarse or fine screening, depending on the specific application. Screen apertures range from 0.15mm to 6mm.

The flow to be treated is introduced via a flow stilling chamber to ensure even distribution of flow across the screen drum. The flow then passes across the width of the drum where the solids are captured on the drum surface and the fluids pass to the screened line outlet.

The drum continuously rotates, carrying the captured solids to be discharged at the outlet. The screened process fluid provides a self-cleaning function for the screen as it passes through the bottom of the drum.

All screens have upgrade options for more demanding applications e.g. the process fluid is corrosive or has a high presence of fats, oils and grease (FOG).