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Simply put. We are specialists in water, wastewater and effluent treatment.

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Our Services

We are committed to delivering premium quality products and water treatment services. Working collaboratively on effluent and wastewater management with clients and suppliers around the world, we provide full turnkey solutions from bespoke design and product supply to installation and final commissioning, across a diverse range of industries and water, effluent and wastewater treatment applications.

Plant and Equipment Audits

Full Turnkey Projects

Preventative Maintenance

Specialists in Plant Optimisation and OPEX Reduction

Maximise your system operating life and enjoy reliable future budget forecasting. Our products are designed to deliver unrivalled performance, trouble-free operation and minimal OPEX costs.

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Wastewater & Effluent
Treatment Plant Support

We pride ourselves on delivering complete support services across our entire range of premium quality products.

Site Operating
(OPEX) Costs Reduction

We are specialists in identifying key areas of underperformance, reducing operating costs and maximising your system operating life.

Biological & Aeration
Treatment Systems

Enjoy the benefits of our experience. We have a proven track record in successfully delivering bespoke systems, from initial design through to final commissioning.

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