Fish Processing Wastewater Treatment

Fish processing required significant volumes of clean water which, after having been contaminated by the fish, are then discharged as effluent.

The Food Safety Regulations demand that water used by fish processors is clean water, to drinking water standards, or clean seawater (with a few exceptions). The use of water is essential in the core processing operations including washing, gutting, filleting and skinning, plus secondary processes including brining and shellfish cooking.

Suggested solutions will be dependent up the nature and volume of effluent, plus the conditions of consent to discharge. However, Static Screens and Sieves for solid-liquid separation, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant and Biological Treatment systems are all options to consider, depending on the specific application.

If the effluent contains a low percentage of suspended material but high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) it will normally require biological (secondary) treatment. We offer bespoke, turnkey wastewater treatment solutions including everything from initial audit and laboratory testing to installation and final commissioning.

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