Electro Coagulation Treatment

The Electro Flotation or Electro Coagulation process is effective in treating many types of difficult wastewaters without the need of chemicals. The system is simple, fully automatic and  requires minimal operator input.

It is used in a wide range of industries and applications where conventional treatment is expensive and  sometimes ineffective. The complete system is compact and demonstrates high removal efficiencies of heavy metals, colour, ink and COD and solids.

Electroflotation is the process of removing dispersed particles from the process water or effluent by electrochemically coagulating and separating the pollutant. Direct Current (DC) is applied to a sacrificial anode which coagulates the particles. Gas bubbles are generated at the cathode which float the solid material to the surface of the reactor. The oxidised waste particles on the water surface form flocs which are captured and dewatered typically leaving a clear effluent flow for reuse or discharge.

Electroflotation treatment generates less sludge than chemical treatment. This means that you save the cost of ongoing chemical purchase and handling as well as having reduced sludge recycling / disposal costs.