Vacuum Belt Filter

The Vacuum Belt Filter is highly effective at separating and dewatering solid particles from a process or water stream, without the need for chemicals.

Each Vacuum Belt Filter is designed and operated automatically to achieve optimum dewatering and drying for the solids/water or slurry mixture.

They are used across a wide range of industries and applications, where a pure dry powder or cake is the desired output from the process stream.

As a fully-automatic operation, the fluid is introduced at the beginning of the belt and the vacuum is used to dewater the solids element by drawing the fluid and moisture through the belt. The belt is continuously washed to provide reliable performance and the unit can accommodate additional wash stages to further wash the solids, prior to discharge of the powder or cake.

For complex applications or to achieve greater levels of moisture removal/drying, additional modules are available which apply mechanical pressure, or introduce hot air/steam.

Vacuum Belt Filters are available for continuous or intermittent modes of operation. The filter is designed and operated in the mode to suit the individual performance requirements and process characteristics of the specific industrial application.

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