Radial Submerged Aerators

A flexible and versatile aeration system for the treatment of wastewater and when both mixing and air are required. Elevated oxygen transfer figures, low noise, robust, low cost and easy installation, are just some of the advantages that the submerged aerators offer. They can be fed by: atmospheric air, oxygen enriched air, pure oxygen or other gaseous or liquid substances to suit your application.

The aerator’s submerged motor drives the impeller which draws in air to be mixed in the proprietary air mixing chamber. This water/air mixture is compressed into the expulsion channels, which are designed to increase the contact time between air and water and maximise working area. As the unit is placed on the base of the tank or chamber it provides comprehensive mixing as well as aeration. This means the likelihood of dead zones are minimised in your application.

The aerator can be installed in a wide range of applications without the need to empty or drain down. This means installation can be quick and simple and the unit can be brought into service quickly. These aerators are frequently used in waste water treatment plants, especially during homogenisation and equalisation, pre-aeration stages, biological oxidation plants, sludge stabilisation and post aeration processes.